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How We're Helping


We are a group of volunteer working professionals that help with Jewish Children whom have been displaced or removed from their parents due to many reasons. We work as an advocacy group side by side with the officials to help find temporary placement in accordance to the child's own requirement. 

Every child is unique and requires specific individual criteria which is not always taken into consideration when the child is separated from their parents. We work to help place the child in individually matched homes and cater to the child's needs and help reduce the effects of separation.  

The Real Issue !


It is difficult to determine how many Jewish children in Los Angeles County need foster care and how many licensed Jewish homes exist to serve them. Up until a few months ago, the DCFS did not ask children about their religion. Unless parents or the child volunteered the information and insisted that it be used in their placement, the children were put wherever there was space.

DCFS case workers are now encouraged to ask about religion when placing a child in foster care, but they are not required to do so. As a result, there are no solid numbers available on how many Jewish children go through the system.

Regardless of the social, economical and religious standing of the parents and the child, we will help in assisting the parents and the child to find a suitable loving family that will aid in the process while DCFS is processing. This will greatly reduce the harm to the child and provide better transition in the interim.  ALL OF OUR SERVICES ARE 100% FREE ! 

The Real Truth


Not every child is blessed to be brought up in a home with loving and affectionate parents at times children don't have the right and the healthy parent think that they need to grow up and become competent adults.  Regardless of the childhood but they have growing up it's important that they have an exposure to a healthy dynamic and parenting so that it would be able to feel safe and secure.  

In the Jewish community there needs to be more support and awareness and a voice for spouses and children to know that there is help out there that they need to get the right resources and information.

As a child feeling lonely and unloved and uncared for is the worst experience ever a child would be willing to do anything just not to feel that feeling they can going to drugs into alcohol into sexuality just not to feel that feeling of being unwanted we and our committee are here to let them know that they are wanted. They are wanted for just being who they are they are wanted for just being it themself.  They are wanted for just being a wonderful person that they are. 

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