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Temporary Placement


Sometimes a family crisis can leave children without a parent or family member to care for them – often in the middle of the night.

Situations can include child abuse, domestic violence, incarceration, illness of the parent or sometimes even death. All the children are experiencing the trauma of separation from their family in addition to the abuse or neglect they have suffered. Every effort is made by our advocacy group to make the children feel safe, protected and loved.

We ensure that the child stays with a family that meets her specific needs: physical well being, emotional well being, education, therapy, social and religious requirements. 

Unique Needs


Every Child is unique.  It’s so important that the placement of a child into foster care or adoption should be consistent with their religious and cultural backgrounds, unless it’s proven by convincing evidence that such placement is not in the best interests of the child.

But when the birth parent is unable or unwilling to address the issues that led to abuse or neglect a judge can terminate his or her parental rights, enabling the child to be adopted.

You Have Rights !


Once separation occurs and the child is taken away from the parents, the child is placed in a undisclosed location for his/her safety. Unless the parents request for DCFS to place the child in a Jewish Home that is similar to the child's needs, the child could be placed with any family with any faith, beliefs and lifestyle. An observant child is no longer able to keep Kosher dietary laws, observe Sabbat or any other Jewish Faith Practices. As a parent, you have a right to make this request for your child to be placed in a similar faith based family. That is where we come in and assist.